Wednesday, September 30, 2009

october jam: Schedule for week one

1st october
Meet, greet n perform (try in a group) 
Stare at the sky for 5mins (try this in a group)
Sing a song loudly on a street corner (do it in a group)
Smile at a stranger
Carry placards with smiley on them (try in a group)
Event Scores, involve simple actions, ideas, and objects from everyday life recontexualized as performance. Event Scores are texts that can be seen as proposal pieces or instructions for actions. The idea of the score suggests musicality. Like a musical score, Event Scores can be realized by artists other than the original creator and are open to variation and interpretation. 
Stare at the new constructions for 5mins….

2nd oct.

Nagara Chitra /SEEMPLY POSE MADDI SAAR, pick and stick
 meet up with fellow photographers, first timers n old timers
 we're going into markets, streets n lanes of bangalore,
 freeze a moment,
 creating a story,
 using your SLR's, Digi SLR's, just Digital, cellphones or even handy cameras..
 choose pictures from the loot and display them back in the same markets, streets and lanes you clicked them on..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

jammin through october

theatre Jam turns one this october,
to celebrate the arts and build this movement
we are
jamming, all through october
in public spaces of Bangalore.

theatre Jam is a space to affirm of individual expression.
a caravan of artists who meet every month to share, create and JAM.

make theatre jam,
bring your story, art, medium, idea
dreams, memories, tricks…
install, improvise, perform, express
anyone can Participate in the jam activities.
pick a date in October and tell us what you want to do.

most activities will take place in
public parks, streets, terraces, basements and markets.

spread the word and encourage more people to participate in the october jam.


yes, indeed, we have some running costs! We roughly need about a lakh for travel for outstation artists, food, publicity, coordination, chai-pani. So if you pledged some donation to us, it would get a few things moving! Just mail us if you want to contribute at or call us on 4148-8264, you could contribute online at if u have a paypal account or a cridit card.

You could also offer spare rooms and couches for outstation artists. food, water, travel, coffee/tea will help cut costs. we need people to shoot, update, collate and coordinate. volunteer. Get in touch.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Whenever that i can
see the world
by dog's eye
Wherever that i have
depressed dog's wide eye's sight

I shall kid people
with their
funny laughing
and coming to beat
when i saw them
toward garbages
just running to eat

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wet sounds

"Sun, rain, sun, rain!
was the refrain
But from performing
we did not remain..."

said a Flower