Friday, February 27, 2009

The 6th theatre Jam is round the corner, and I was told that the facebook event post will get us some more audience and participation.
So I have created one on facebook

Send the page around, become members, ask others to take a look

Monday, February 2, 2009

Theatre Jam went Public!!

Jammers from the jam, post your response!

Yes, the 5th jam happened out there, in the public realm!! Here are some pictures from the jam that just passed us...was an incredible experience for many, many reasons

this beautiful park is one of the spaces off nanda talkies road, which is the big park flanked double road that cuts across Jayanagar. Very soon, this green area will be destroyed because of various modernisation and development actions, the metro being one of them. Please start using these parks for various activities other than just lovers and senior citizens hangout. Would end on a very dismal note, despite the jam being really lovely in this shelter space...citizens inititative may never be a possibility(I've given up on Bangalore's citizens coming together and making a landmark turnover of events. We just murmur. No new idea and strength remains) and the parks will soon be gone. Im almost sure. Use them so we have painful as the only realistic possibility of "just having memories of these parks that once existed" remains.