Friday, June 26, 2009

jamming at another park....

Calling for stories, songs, dances, art work,

film, music, sound, solo pieces, poetry, improvisations...

and anything you feel like you have always wanted to share

but never knew where and when.

its time now, to bring it to Theatre Jam...

We're hopping away....

from Nanda Park..

To Sri Chamarajendra Park,

Meade's Park..

Some even call it Lover's Park,

for non-snozzers it's Jogger's Park,

for many others it was the toy train Park,

better known as Cubbon Park...

you know where it is...

Land up by the Victoria statue


Sunday 5th of July

by 12 noon

we'll move into the 100 acre green canoe...

come along... choose your spot,

it's July, let's give this space a shot!

under the trees or over a branch,

amongst the rocks with a puppet sock!!

Bring your Friends, Lovers, Mothers, Aunties and Uncles and Neighbours...for stories, music, dance or as audience to talk or just to hang and nod.

Spread the's an open space for ANYONE to share ANYTHING they want to. Come fill up this space.. regulars,don't be lazy, it's our first jam at Cubbon Park, let's make it memorable..forward it to friends and others...

if you wanna know more or if you get lost...give us a call

9880755875/ 9343763497/9889628582

or mail us on

or blog us on

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Theatre JAM in its 9th month

kaeli kaeli kaeli…

AkkA Thangigale,

AnnA Thambigale!

It is time to theatre JAM once again!

7TH June 2009, 32rd Cross park space on Nanda Road, Jayanagar

Calling all PERFORMERS…

intensely light or dramatic floaty types,

gimmicks and mimics types,

sketch paint and music types,

scientist, motorist and cyclist types

Calling all AUDIENCES…

listeners and curious viewer types

Wah wah! Thoo thoo! types

jabbering thinker types

binoculars and spy glass holder types

innocent gossipy types...

Pack your backpacks with instruments, masks, handmade costumes, doodled scripts, scribbled notes, water, food, and candies fare...

And hike out with all of it to you know where!

Let us know if you have an idea or two

Call us on 9343763497 or 9880755875

Methinks you can blog too!