Thursday, November 6, 2008

Opening out dramatic spaces


The challenge of finding alternative spaces and places for dramatic work is being well met by the Sunday jam.  Here's a bunch of reasons for why I liked it.

1) As Ekta said its creating spaces for short performance work that does not have space in traditional auditorium spaces.
2) The openess of the space allows for so much experimentation and playing around. So potential artists are not paralysed by form and structure and can keep coming out with work. I know the burden of coming out with a 60-90 minute production of good quality can be such a task that you wind up never doing anything. Using the forum keeps your creative practice alive.
3) Its free.
4) The post-performance discussion is an excellent space to think through our work and allow others to engage with the issues brought up. The performance then is not only about aesthetic form, but also about ideological and creative content which is open to debate and discussion.
5) It allows for collaborations to happen both spontaneously and through negotiation between different artists. This is interesting because so much of the work is 'solo' and moving outwards into collaborations. You see something that you might like to work with and in this open forum can negotiate a collaboration.
5)And most importantly people have a space to do theatre and be actors. Its not a long term dream that needs to be shelved until... until... until. There's a space every month for you to go up and own as your own stage!

Thank you guys for making this happen!


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