Friday, January 16, 2009

and finally a JAM I don't mind being a part of!!

The space has molded itself into an exciting visual exchange of colours, which to me signify tints and shades of various emotions. Looking back at the last four jams, what has kept me constantly engaged is the wide range of subjects or themes (if you would like to call it that) of every single performance and how it has been explored through the nuances of theatre, music or dance. The switch from one to another has been quite challenging for me. And I mean this in a very positive way. Because I have always considered myself as some one who cannot handle too many heavy discussions in one day…for this reason I can’t even watch two films in a day or attend talks with differing topics. I tend to space out into one thing…and just zone into a rather Alice-like conversation with myself. Theatre Jam has somewhat challenged that comfort spot and the space makes you want to share and understand the dynamics of the process of coming up with a piece of work.

And honestly it is more exciting to be the audience. Every other month has had such exciting performances or presentations…I get damn hungry to watch and take it all in (yah….a bit selfish I know…but can you blame me). It is what the city’s traffic jams do to you whether it is the honking voices of cars and people or the blinding lights of family, work and college, one yearns for that space to just get away but yet be constructively engaged. And I hope to get on the other side and perform more often. I sat down to just sketch out a visual of the jam…and this is what churned out.



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