Friday, February 27, 2009

The 6th theatre Jam is round the corner, and I was told that the facebook event post will get us some more audience and participation.
So I have created one on facebook

Send the page around, become members, ask others to take a look


Mithraah Indiirh said...

And it happened!

Three theatre jams have passed and for the first time, I finally took back something that I knew would help me in some way or the other.

Watching abstract performances have always had their charm. The fact that the art always allows you to bring in subjectivity as a viewer and as a performer is something that will always make it extremely special. But like everything else that is consumed in large quantities, subjectivity at such a primary level sometimes acts as one of the biggest obstacles between audience-performer connections. This changed everything.
To watch something so relevant and so everyday turn into something so powerful, is an experience on its own. I must commend the team on their ability to narrate stories so close to their hearts and yet bring in what can only be called a conversational tangent. I loved it and so did almost every girl who sat beside me.
Conversations will never go old, and advice in the form of narrative will always be the best way to pass on lessons learnt from relationships. After all, relationships are as innately human as life and after a point using logic to understand them becomes extremely redundant. I recently made a statement that the much lauded ‘spark’ that many want to feel in a relationship is a myth and this performance only added to that belief. The ‘spark’ might happen when you meet someone, but that’s pure unbridled attraction. What you do with that attraction in a relationship defines your strength as a couple. The ‘spark’ has to be worked at to be kept alive; else like everything else mortally human, it will also die an early death.
Am looking forward to the piece taking on a more elaborate form soon, and am promising that it will be one of the best plays the city has ever seen, when performed. Best of luck, girls :)

hawaiichappals said...

Romal......okie you need to post this a post in itself.... and yes, i couldn't agree more - conversations never grow old and one never gets too bored listening to stories and advice on relationships.
I am anxious to see where and how the piece evolves from here too :)