Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Theatre JAM in its 9th month

kaeli kaeli kaeli…

AkkA Thangigale,

AnnA Thambigale!

It is time to theatre JAM once again!

7TH June 2009, 32rd Cross park space on Nanda Road, Jayanagar

Calling all PERFORMERS…

intensely light or dramatic floaty types,

gimmicks and mimics types,

sketch paint and music types,

scientist, motorist and cyclist types

Calling all AUDIENCES…

listeners and curious viewer types

Wah wah! Thoo thoo! types

jabbering thinker types

binoculars and spy glass holder types

innocent gossipy types...

Pack your backpacks with instruments, masks, handmade costumes, doodled scripts, scribbled notes, water, food, and candies fare...

And hike out with all of it to you know where!

Let us know if you have an idea or two

Call us on 9343763497 or 9880755875

Methinks you can blog too!

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