Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sampath 's poetry

A  few Poems that i have written over the years, on various themes, often late in the night, racked by guilt, Loss, Love and all the other  chips and dips issues of life.

Here are a Few of the poems i read out on  our Poetry Night

Gone saw you briefly
Like a firefly glowing
Seeking a thought in
all that darkness.

Who knows where your journey
takes you?
Is there an insect heaven?
What predators prey on you
Will i see you again?
                     Dilip Sampath

Whatever you and i do
is complete, replete with
streamers a party atmosphere
Balloons bursting, emotions extending
our minds expanding, like people
believing in expression a total sublime
Without any inhibitions our sweat mingling,
close to your body, a sudden release
is all we need.
Tense and pretending we try to fit into
our social roles, playing our parts for the first time
and not knowing our lines, daring to cross to
the other side.
The creativity your expressing is beautiful
now,paint a picture of my life.
Alone and free at last to explore
our private past.
                                   Dilip Sampath


                 Street Noises

 It could have been different
another night maby...
Bright lights appear from
Lonely and absconding walkways
Houses i think among tree filled
avenues that surround me,
Enveloping and inhibiting me
Screaming for help, nobody
Nobody hear's me, I'm dying all
alone on the dirty streets.
Run over by a car, a manic driver
screeches to a halt beneath me.
What do they care, I'm just a street sleeper
without a home nobody to go to,
only hearing machine sounds.

                                         Dilip Sampath

              Dolls at play

When you think of dolls
the thing that comes to mind
are those shaped leggy sometimes
cottony things.
I'd like to think of them as people,
coming alive at the right moment
Playing with our minds, then
going back to their own
connecting thoughts
leaving us behind
Chalk that up to the rag doll
lessons of life.

We transfer or perceived warmth
on them unconditionally
She -he or of an amorphous gender
Play with me, abuse me, mutilate me
Like disturbed minds do
when given dolls to play!
Cottony dolls have memories too-
did you know?
                                     Dilip Sampath

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