Thursday, April 30, 2009

3RD MAY – Theatre Jam Hits The Streets
33rd Street, Nanda/RV road, JAYANAGAR
12 PM onwards
Bangalore needs you to express yourself… and the time has never been this right!
Calling Grandsons, mothers, lovers, musical types, creative types, passionate types, etc…
All who found refuge under grand green giants when it rained, and who drove through golden green canopies when the sun shone…
A green impersonator monster with purple font that calls itself Namma Metro is out to get those green giants…
All this happeningright around the corner in Jayanagar…
Would you want to come and say you don’t like this much?
Would you like to do more than that and celebrate the trees with music, theatre and activities that you or others have in mind?
Send out a strong pink heart sign to your city’s green giants.
Stand to protect, and be protected!

Want to express your outrage and ouch?

Ideas we have

The string thing…
String your hopes, memories, stories and togetherness together! Bring old pieces of cloth, bedsheets, colorful sarees you don’t want to use, lungis and dhotis…and tie shreds of these together around the trees on the street, to create your protective web.

Doodle Banners
Bring white or near white dhotis or bedsheets that you don’t mind painting on to express what Bangalore with trees meant for you and tie them up for display on the streets between trees

Growing up in Jayanagar, I befriended a tree…
Do you have a tree friend?
Does she have a name?
Did he talk to you on your way to school?
Would you like to reconnect to her?
Bring your own personal message and leave it on the tree on metal boards

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